Our Story

Glowbite is a New Zealand fishing tackle company that is passionate about innovation, creating new and more effective ways for you to enjoy your sport.

Our company started 5 years ago when founder, Wes Braddock saw a child’s toy that contained a flashing light and thought “I wonder, if I could put that in a lure, would it attract fish??” Living in a small seaside town and fishing once or twice each week meant that Wes was able to find plenty of opportunities to test the idea with different combinations of colour and flashing lights.

Several years, and many fish dinners later, the conclusion is that lights on fishing lures really do work. Filming identical lures underwater, one with a light, and one without, has shown that fish will strike at the lure with a light up to 3x more than the lure without. These phenomenal results convinced Wes to launch Glowbite and make this technology available for everyone.

Glowbite now has patented designs for several lures and there are more on the way. If you are keen to have fun testing out our new innovative products then come and join the Glowbite Test Team. 

We look forward to hearing from you about how Glowbite fishing innovation has helped you get more enjoyment from your fishing.