Lures by Glowbite

Glowbite Dragster Lures

Glowbite Dragster Lures imitate the baby flounder that so many species love to eat.
At 120mm long and 30mm wide, they have a slow flutter action on descent that is irresistible to predator fish. 
Sold with a pair of 5 gram weighted Owner weedless hooks and twistLOCK lure retainers, they are perfect for fishing the shallows or kelp beds. Alternatively they can be rigged with a heavier jig head and dragged behind the boat to target fish in deeper water.  

Glowbite Kabura Lures

Glowbite kabura lures are durable and effective. They are available in yellow, green, orange and pink. You can also grab each colour in 60g, 85g and 110g.

Glowbite Lure Skirts

Glowbite Replacement Skirts are the toughest on the market. They are available in orange, white/pink and yellow.

Glowbite Jigheads

Glowbite Jighead 1/2 Oz

Owner hooks combined with the  Glowbite LED light ensure that Glowbite Jigheads will catch you more fish. They are available in two sizes: 1/2oz and 1oz.